Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Kyoto! (Day 1!)


Today we left the Ryokan and Hakone (😢 ) and went to Kyoto! We took a bullet train which lasted about 2 hours down to Kyoto! Along the way we got to see Mt. Fuji! It was so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We saw it for a good 5 minutes. I got tons of photos and videos of it.

When we got to our hotel,  couldn't believe how big and beautiful it was! There is even a chandelier in the elevator. Oddly enough, there is a church that the hotel was built around just in the hotel. Apparently it is a popular wedding location. We walked around the town a little bit. It is odd to see a mix of the old and the new. For example, 2 minutes from our hotel is a perfectly pristine little temple, but surrounding it are skyscrapers. It seems so out of place, yet its a really nice place to be. It is quiet and serene.

I got to try a Japanese Onigiri (rice ball). It was only 100円 which equates to about $1.00. It was super yummy. We also stumbled upon some really cool shops. There was a bento shop that sold all sorts of bento boxes and supplies. It was super cool. We also saw a geisha walking around since we went to a geisha district. One of my favorite stores that we went to was called "Loft". On the main floor it had these cute little sushi plushes. I might have to go buy some of them soon. They were just too cute!!!!!! On the bottom floor was a whole bunch of anime stuff. I found some posit notes that I may just have to get! Kyoto's specialty so far seems to be laquer. A lot of the things are quiet pretty, but also quite expensive. For dinner we went to this place where you cook your own meat. It was quite spectacular. They gave us little slices of meat and a little grill to cook it on. We also got some veggies to go along with it. For dessert we went to a crepe place called Marion crepes. I got blueberry cheesecake crepe.
Cooking at the restaruant

The crepes

The church in our hotel


Sushi cuteness!

That is all for tonight!



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