Thursday, March 16, 2017

Heading over!!


I am currently sitting in the Indianapolis Airport waiting to get on the plane to Chicago. It has currently been delayed (for the second time) until 3:55. We are hoping that our connection will not be in danger when we get to Chicago, since there is such a delay. We originally had a 2 hour delay, but at this point it is probably going to be an hour or less. I am still very excited for the trip, but just trying to get out of Indy is hard. So much for a smooth flight. Oh well. I also learned that airport stores are SOOOOO expensive. We got a few snacks (since the flight to Japan is ~14 hours) and it cost $45! Just for some chips and candy. I am excited to explore Tokyo's airport as I have heard its got some awesome stuff for gifts and such.

It is kind of interesting to see what people do in the event of a long delay (my sociologist is showing). A lot of people have been talking on their phones while having their earbuds in, talking to work associates, family members, and friends explaining their delay. A lot of them are also sleeping, since there isn't much else to do. The lady behind me is English and has been complaining on the phone about how the snow in Newark (which is where the plane was supposed to come from) was two days ago so it shouldn't be an issue. Its not bad to listen to her accent when she's complaining though. She's got a nice accent. She is on a different place, but yet I feel her frustration about having a delay.

Flying has always been kind of troublesome for me since I get motion sick from a lot of things. Being on a place for 14 hours seems like a nightmare. Luckily I have plenty of dramamine, so hopefully its an uneventful and sleepy flight. Chicago (if we ever get on the plane) will only take an hour to get there, but it's still pretty nerve wracking. I'm wondering what food I'll get to try on the plane. On my flight to England they served us ravioli which was not too bad, for airline food. I'm wondering if it'll be regional, or if its just a standard food on all airlines.

I'll update more if I can later!


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